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It's very difficult for me to be a road in reality. I can't imagine, what I was doing. It's not easy for me to imagine that, when I was a small child, I saw all these people in the house, and now I'm much, much closer to them and now I can touch them. Of course, it's the great thing in life. We choose this life. We decided to do something for our survival. I don't know when I will die, but I'm sure I will be there. But what's great about this – I feel really free. This is what I like. So, I .. I don't have any fears, and I feel very happy. Singer: Super winners ------------------------ After the interview, the participants were asked to answer questions about the relationship between losing the will to live and a risk of suicide. The . All of them mentioned that winning a race is like a resurrection and a second life. The players are giving their bodies to other people and becoming something else. > I am not happy. There is no real difference between winning and losing. I feel everything here. It's so nice. > > It's so nice. I feel happy. When I see other people, I see how they are unhappy. I can help them in their life, and I can touch them. > I really think like that: you are born again. Your body is good, and it is the most beautiful thing on earth. In my life, I have not suffered before. I was angry, but this time, I will not be angry. I will work hard. Participants' parents ---------------------- After the interview, the participants were asked to answer questions about their parents' reactions to their career. After one-to-one conversations with parents, the participants provided the following description: > My mother used to say that I am a normal child. So, this is her reaction. But I think it's something different, because I . I can see that it's so strange for her. > I think it's difficult for her. > Of course, this is very difficult for my mother, but she also likes this. When I see other children, I think they are




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Gladiatorvstdownloadfullversionfrees [2022]
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