Duplex® BP360


Duplex® BP360 features fifteen (15) active ingredients :

These are the top featured ingredients -

  • Grape seed and Bilberry promotes venous circulation and maintains capillaries.
  • Olive Tree helps to support healthy blood pressure level and Red Vine promotes blood circulation.
  • Meadowsweet, recognised for its blood vessel widening properties, it calms cardiac activity and blood pressure.

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Health Reimagined.

The Microgranules Technology

Made In France   |  Gastroprotected Microgranules  |  GMP Certified

Duplex® complexes are designed taking into account the body's capacity for self-regulation. The active ingredients support the body's natural regulation mechanisms by providing the necessary nutrients in a targeted manner. 

Increased efficiency  |  Fast-acting  |  Zero cellular stress 

The Microgranules Technology


Promotes venous circulation and maintains capillaries.

Grape seed .png


Supports good blood pressure.

Olive tree .png


Strengthens capillary resistance and promotes microcirculation.

Bilberry .png


Promotes blood circulation.

red vines .png


Recognised for its blood vessel widdening properties.

Meadowsweet .png


Strong antioxidant properties.

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Featured Ingredients

Out of a total of 15 fifteen active ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is microgranule technology?

Microgranule is an innovative and patented pharmaceutical form which allows protection of the active ingredients and their targeted release into the body. These active ingredients are able to support the body’s natural regulation mechanisms by providing necessary nutrients in a targeted manner.

How quickly could one see a difference?

It is recommended to take the product for 3 months for optimal results but some individuals might see a difference within a few weeks.

I am currently on medication. Can I consume this?

No adverse effects have been reported to date. However, you are advised to consult your healthcare provider prior to taking this supplement.

I have salicylate intolerance / salicylate sensitivity. Can I consume this?

No, BP-360 is not suitable for people with allergies to salicylate or its derivatives.

More questions? Please contact us!

You may email us your question @ inquiry@duplex.sg or call us at 6438 8000/ 8380 8001.

What is the suggested use?

Recommended 1 capsule in the morning with a glass of water.